Hiring and external company ?

As a web design company in we often come across businesses that have invested heavily on building a website/SEO but the quality they have been offered are sub standard. Strategizing a web project is as important as making a long term investment (Like buying a house). Website are essentially your web/virtual properties. If you have a house with a broken roof then it is as good as not having a house. There are a lot of things that your website can say about your business. A website now is not only a key tool in order to generate enough interest but also a “must-have”  tool in your marketing arsenal.

So before you go hiring a website company or a company that will do both your website and search engine optimization here are a set of questions you need to ask.

Understanding search engine optimization

The myth with search engine optimization and with most of the fellow small business owners we talk to here in Melbourne is that SEO is an ardent task and requires quite a lot of time and resources. Even more some companies charge you exorbitant prices / bill you hourly. Although we will agree SEO is a complex process there is nothing about SEO that a “lay-man” cannot understand. Before you go and sign up with an SEO company for your website optimization or for keyword results there are a few important things to know and consider. Every SEO company needs to be assessed about their knowledge. Most often than not you will be talking to a sales person, rather than a search engine optimization consultant and that’s where if you asked the right question ; you will find them failing miserably.

1) Link Strategies

Apart from link baiting and scoop linking/sharing , most other exercises of link building are just useless exercises. Most search engines clearly say that submitting to thousand of user directories is a useless exercise. A official Google webmaster answer quotes

Avoid SEOs that talk about the power of “free-for-all” links, link popularity schemes, or submitting your site to thousands of search engines.

Never let your SEO company put other people’s link on your website. Sometimes SEO companies also hide links on your page by using a different font colour. This will definitely get your website to fall in the search engine rankings.

2) Search engine optimization WHW

If your search engine experts or people who do your search engine optimization are not clearly telling you what they are doing then its time to smell the coffee. If you have arranged a meeting with an SEO expert or are looking to get some SEO done for your company website here are three golden questions that you can ask them.

  • What do you intend to do with my Website ?
  • How you are going to do that ?
  • Why are you going to do that ?

All these questions require elaborate answer and if they cannot provide answers to these questions it is time to rethink your SEO company.

3) The Basics

While we were kids we were taught that letters are the building blocks of words. Imagine if you did not properly knew each individual letter you will never get a spelling right. If you did not know what 2+2 equates to the you cannot calculate the area of a triangle or solve a differential equation. If your search engine expert does not know about web design or have the basics of web design right then you are going to fail miserably.

4) Conversions / Results and Step up.

SEO is an ongoing process and if your SEO company quotes you a fixed price then that is for particular keywords and for a particular time. SEO is not about optimizing your website for certain keywords only. Here is a very very interesting post by Stephan Spencer which lists some interesting arguments. We specifically like the point 15 which says that all advanced techniques build on the basic ones. If your SEO company has promised you an advanced proprietary technique that no one else knows then chances are they are “SELLING” you up.

While you should keep your eyes on conversions and results you should take the next step of “Multivariate testing”. For example the keywords you are optimizing for may go out of the trend pretty soon.20 years ago Blog was not even a word.It emerged from We<s

Reiki will help you relax like no other.

This module will take you through the basics of Reiki Energy, as well as help you to understand its initial stages.


Reiki Energy, a name for the life force that permeates the universe and a system of natural healing. The practitioner uses Reiki Energy by channeling it through the hands —either by touch or by holding their hands near different places on the recipient’s body.  It is possible for a practitioner to work from a different location, although it is not until the second degree that these remote techniques are taught.

The practice of doing Reiki therapy is thought of as a spiritual healing or laying on of hands, and is considered to be a conceptual experience. Elements pertaining to martial arts and Asian medicine have also been incorporated into Reiki— thus, creating tai chi, acupuncture, chi gong and other related procedures.

Chinese medicine, holistic medicine and other methods are all related to Reiki—which is a kind of combination between spiritual healing and traditional Asian procedures in medical, spiritual and health-related fields. The positioning of the hands coincides with several points utilized by other therapies, such as Acupuncture; however, Reiki does not employ massage, pressure techniques or needles.

Although Reiki (http://www.simplecure.com.au/reiki/) is an energy flowing through the practitioner, it is not produced by the person experiencing it, nor is it draining the practitioner of their own energy reserves. For the truly experienced practitioners of Reiki, even physical contact is unnecessary during the therapy.

Mikao Usui is the founder of the Reiki Universal Healing Energy system. He developed this energy after studying a wide range of subjects. He earned his healing ability through Reiki energy while undergoing a spiritual initiation, which was preceded by meditation on a hallowed Japanese mountain and prolonged fasting.

The Definition of Reiki

The etymology of the term ‘Reiki’ can be traced back to Japanese origins— the term represents the unrestricted transition and movement of the omnipresent vital force. The implication of rei means omnipresent knowledge and ki stands for vital force. The transfer happens as a result of tenderly touching the essential vital points of the human body.

What makes Reiki different from other healing methods? It’s the technique of harmonizing or induction. While different healing methods can be applied only by those who have an innate talent, Reiki has a distinct feature—anybody can become competent in using it. Every learner who studies and is inducted into Reiki is endowed with the power of utilizing this method and offering treatment through the process of harmonizing. Nevertheless, there are learners whose only desire is to keep the knowledge and harmony they gain and only use it for their inherent metaphysical development. From the ensuing work, you will receive every instrument you require in order to transmit this soothing force. You will be able to use it for improvements of your own existence and you will also be able to help others—if you desire to do so.That way you can sleep better. You should use tatami mats for the same.

Even though Reiki has its roots in metaphysical practices (further explained in Unit 3), it is not connected to any theological ideology. The following work is built around the Usui Heritage and it is dependent upon the views and genealogy of Dr. Mikao Usui—a scholar of Japanese origin. He is considered to be the founding father of Reiki as we know it today. However, some presume that Dr. Mikao Usui merely retrieved these primordial teachings from the depths of time and that Reiki had been habitually utilized as a medicinal method in the past.

The power of Reiki

As an omnipresent, refined and profoundly humane force, Reiki is able to alleviate several conditions. By streaming inside the body of the practitioner, it brings recreation, harmony and serenity to the vital structures. And this is not all that this practice is able to accomplish.

Our vital structures are connected to one another. Just think about the trinity of our mental, physical and spiritual structures— one by one, these structures are linked. Each and every one of them influences the others; therefore the soul and the mind are both helped by the force flowing through the body, which is filled with purging and curing capacities. Reiki acts in this particular way. It streams inside the body, purging, curing and freeing vital structures from contamination, while alleviating illnesses that occur on mental, physical and emotional levels.


Australian Ecommerce Warranties ?

Often we get queries from people who want to build a E-commerce store whether they should go for subscription based E-commerce services or get a eCommerce software and design a theme in-house. Specifically subscription based services seem to be effective in terms of price, feasibility and maintenance. The subscription based services offer a full package including web hosting , payment processors and a lot more within the subscription fees.

However before you sign up with these subscription based eCommerce services, following things be given some thought.

  • Payment processing – Australian Market does not currently have cost effective subscription based eCommerce service hosted within Australia. That means if your customer put in his/her credit card information they get redirected to a US hosting server(Middleman) to process the Payment. This is bad because laws applicable for Internet commerce in Australia may not necessarily apply to the transactions occurred outside Australia. This may have larger legal implications for you as a local business.
  • Search Engine optimization – As an Australian business using a US server may have negative impact on your website’s ranking on search engines locally. Matt – a Google engineer seems to have an Explanation .
  • Support – Most of the subscription based services offer support during their local business time.For an Australian business running an E-commerce store local support is as essential and life support of the business.Imagine advertising on Google under sponsored listing and your site going down ? Support ?
  • Tax claims : I am sure these have some interesting implications.

Apart from these factors one also needs to consider Privacy , Data collection policies , disclaimers and many other things that may vary based on the location of a subscription based service.